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Something for all ages

Hands Together

Private Sessions

Get the most out of your yoga practice

In person or via video conference.
One on one sessions perfect for beginners wanting to ensure correct alignment, for intermediate to advanced yogis to extend their practice or for anyone wanting help recovering from injury or trauma. These sessions will be tailored to your needs, injuries, energy levels and fitness goals. The first session will always focus on alignment and getting the optimum stretch and strengthening from each yoga pose. Private sessions can be conducted at your home or venue of choice (e.g. beach or park- weather permitting).

Yoga Parties

Kids birthdays, Hen's, Book club, Adult birthdays

We come to your location and offer 2 hours of relaxation and fun. We can cater the party to your needs for kids or adults. 

Adult parties can include; a wine or beer yoga class (BYO), a pamper class including a 30 minute Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) and Reiki relaxation or a fun class including games and partner poses. Great for any occasion. 

Kids yoga parties: 

Lots of yoga fun! Songs, games, crafts and activities to entertain the kids. Fast paced and lots of fun these parties can be tailored to any age group. Book a pamper party for a tween sleepover, or book a superhero themed yoga party with lots of activities for busy active kids. The possibilities are endless. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Kids yoga

Lets kid around!

We use songs, dance, and games to teach and have fun with yoga poses and principles. The classes start with fun and games, progress to structured songs with poses and actions and end with a deep relaxation exercise creating a quiet, peaceful and happy state of mind and calm children.

Wellness Consultations

Transform your wellbeing

Enjoy a free consultation with Cheryl, either in home or via virtual meeting. Discuss your current health and wellness concerns and explore ways to radically transform your health with yoga, mindfulness and essential oils.


Relax and Heal

Reiki channels the universal energy known as qi, pronounced “chi.” In India, this is known as “prana.” It is the life force energy that surrounds all of us.
In a Reiki session I channel this energy to aid relaxation, assist in the body’s natural healing processes, and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
These sessions can be in person or can also be conducted via 'distance reiki'.


Silverdale, New Zealand

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